XI YAN PRIVATE DINING (CRAIG ROAD): +65 6220 3546, [email protected] OR CHOPE

XI YAN CASUAL DINING (SHAW CENTRE): +65 6733 3476, [email protected] OR CHOPE


(NEW) Xmas Goodies! Black Truffle Roasted Turkey @ $190 , Emmett's ham and bacon, Xmas Cakes, Gourmet and wine Xmas party at Xi [email protected] Craig

Emmett’s Ham and Bacon:
Download Order Form and/or email to [email protected]
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View Emmett's Ham winning the prestigious GREAT BRITISH FOOD AWARDS 2017
Visit their official website: www.emmettsham.co.uk 

Xmas Cakes:
Download Order Form
or email [email protected]

All enquries:
+65 6220 3546 or email  [email protected]

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Star Specials @ Xi Yan Shaw

Only available @ Xi Yan Shaw

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New and Refreshed Super Value Set Menus

Only available at Xi Yan Shaw.

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Emmett's Ham UK is now in Singapore!

Emmett’s Ham official website: www.emmettsham.co.uk

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